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Welcome to OneLegUp 2015!

Welcome to OneLegUp a service that has re-invented
itself since 1998. This group is run and owned by "Palagia", who endorses like-minded people to join her "SENSUAL MOVEMENT".
Our look is lustrous, erotic and subtly enticing. Look at this experience as entering a Sensual Country Club. We believe that respecting boundaries in a very safe environment is the most comfortable way to explore new horizons.

OneLegUp provides you with an environment to indulge your
fantasies, which has been delicately woven into an erotic
atmosphere for scores of people to take pleasure in.

"The Last Old-School Orgy in New York" VICE Magazine

By Zach Sokol

Palagia started throwing orgies because she needed the money. It was the late 90s, and she and her friends had been living in a West Village squat until it was burned down by mistake--her roommates left before it was rebuilt, but despite threats of eviction, the Greek-American decided to stay. The problem was that she couldn't afford rent on her salary as a teacher.

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Erotic Coffee Table Photo Book:

The book takes you on a visual journey through OLU’s past events, gatherings and history where guests discover ever-changing sensual playgrounds, realize their fantasies and indulge their erotic pleasures in a shared and safe space.

Take a look inside OLUs Erotica Photo Book or to get more info
lick here. The book is also now available for purchase on Amazon.com.


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