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Palagia's Bio:

Ms. Palagia has felt sexually aware since her birth. With over 15 years of (safe) practical experience to her credit, she celebrates being learned in the art of sensuality - daily. Her intuition has inspired her to become a sexual anthropologist of sorts and advocate of healthy human communion. The sexual and sensual freedom she enjoys has permeated positively into all facets of her life: enhancing her zest for love, life and success in business. She has been called a pioneer for her active role in openly discussing sexuality in public forums such as The O’Reilly Factor, HBO's "Real Sex", Naked New York, Alan Colmes Radio Show, Howard Stern Radio Show, Play Girl TV, and E! Entertainment.

Palagia has worked closely with both genders in the past 16 years, stimulating the synergy between sensuality and sexuality through, what she coined, “The Sensual Movement".

In an effort to share her philosophical beliefs, Palagia labors to weave environments that embrace the human spirit of sensuality and sexuality. Shattering the status-quo perception that every time people congregate to court and express their passions must be damned “a swingers party.”

Through the conception of OneLegUpNYC, many people have been able to indulge their elegant fantasies, repression’s and self-discoveries inside the safety of a well-monitored womb at all her events, Eat-In and Take-Out . These insomniac events have proven to be more than magical feasts of exotic entertainment. They are a microcosm: a society of ordinary people living life in an extraordinary manner.

The founding of the OneLegUp has enhanced her "Sensual Movement" to expand and continues to flourish for everyone to experience. Additionally, Palagia has written and contributed to scores of published works on sexuality and fantasy in various magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, TimeOut New York, New York Magazine, Details, Zink, Esquire, GQ, BlackBook, New York Post, The New York Times, The London Times, The London Observer and has taught at the Learning Annex including on her website – OneLegUpNYC.com. More recently she self-published and launched an Erotic Photo Book titled OneLegUpNYC capturing 8 years of OLU's history. For more details click on the book icon to your right.

Palagia graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Communication and a minor in Intercultural Communication. She has taken many graduate courses in human development and female sexuality.
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