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Indian Wedding on Saturday, June 17th

EAT-IN: Inspired by a photo that I received from a friend in India. The bride wanted an erotic photo shoot before her wedding and she got it. The photo is posted on the AMP invite for this event. There are a several options, arrive as an elegant western guest or come as either an Indian bride, groom or guest. Many creative choices. Early bird tickets are available for a limited time, save money and become a member now by clicking here.

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$200 Per couple

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Secrets and Flowers on Thursday, June 8th

TAKE-OUT: Bring an anonymous secret and a flower(s). Being dressed to the “nines” is essential, otherwise entry will not be granted. Monetary transactions WILL NOT be taken at the door at this event, tickets need to be purchased online. The event will be hosted at an artists membership club, Palagia is a member. This will be a salacious experience. Location and password are released the week of the event to non-amp members. Be sure to join our mailing list and check the calendar page regularly. Remember, take-outs whet your palate and eat-in’s satiate your desires. No live playing is permitted. Reduced take-out prices are for a limited time. Save money and purchase them in advance. Bring your EprocessingNetwork receipt that serves as your ticket. The store always closes the night before the event. Oooh, la la.

Couples – $60

Single Female – $10

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