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OneLegUp turns 20 yrs old – “Harlots” on Saturday, October 20th  

EAT-IN: If you don’t know what a Harlot is, please look it up. The costumes, the sex, the money, only few women knew how to have sex, were well read and grand entrepreneurs. They were even permitted to have bank accounts. Major progress. Palagia’s best theme in TWENTY years 🙂 Masks are essential! Early bird ticket special won’t last too long. Ticket prices always increase as we get closer to the event. Doors open at 9:30pm and close at 10:30pm. The AMP online store always closes once we reach full capacity and/or the night before the event. Become an AMP Member today.

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“Sex Maniacs Ball – OneLegUp Turns 20 Years Old” on Friday, October 12, 2018

Sex Maniacs Ball – OneLegUp Turns 20 years old: Palagia has conquered a lot during this TWENTY year run. It’s been pandemonium since it’s inception in 1998, worth all the bumps and turns. We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone and our gratitude is enormous. Thank you for your commitment. This event is very different from our usual format. Make sure to read the invite in detail. The ticket prices for non-AMP Members will increase each week up until the event, take advantage of the savings. The options for your fashion ensembles are vast. Visit invite to select from our favored themes, there are a total of 12. Coming in theme is essential otherwise entry will be denied. No refunds will be issued either. The location we reserved is outstanding! We can’t wait to feast with everyone. ***Our site works using all browsers. Please ensure that your device has the latest updates since our site is PCI compliant. Very strict. **** Store always closes the night before the event. The location for AMP Members is always released first. You will be in awe with our selection. Become an AMP Member today

$75 Per Couple

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$50 Per couple

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