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Vice vs. Virtue Soiree  on Saturday, September 23rd

EAT-IN: Virtue stands for the good deeds and thoughts of humans whereas vice indicates naughty or villainous side of people. Pick your vice or will you choose virtue? Some ideas to consider, love, happy, loyal, giving, respectful or naughty, tease, playful, trickster, spanker etc. This theme is a lot of fun and the creativity from years ago was outstanding.

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Stars Till Midnight Sailing …. on Saturday, September 9th (rescheduled)

TAKE-OUT: “Stars Till Midnight” Sailing Soiree (rescheduled) along the Hudson River aboard the Ventura. We encourage everyone to go topless though it’s not mandatory but it sure is liberating. Boarding btw 9pm-9:15pm and we will sail until midnight. The Ventura is a majestic sailing vessel made entirely of wood, a rare gem. Wear comfy clothing, bring a picnic, beer/wine will be sold on board at reasonable prices. USD cash only. Secure your spots, OneLegUps sails – sell out quickly. The store will close when we reach full capacity. Become an AMP Member to receive the lofty economic reductions.

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