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 “Octopussy – Full Moon Sailing on the Husdson” on Saturday, July 28th 

EAT-IN:  It’s that time of year again, sailing along the Hudson River. This is OneLegUps 15th year sailing … yummy! James Bond is the theme – do a search for all the colorful and creative fashion ideas. Be sure to become an AMP Member in order to attend this event. Look at the screening as a quickie! OneLegUps sailing season is limited in capacity and sells out quickly. Ticket prices always increase as we get closer to the event. We board between 9pm-9:15pm. The AMP online store will close once we reach full capacity.

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$500 Per couple

$250 Single Female

“Whet Your Palate” on Friday, June 15th 

WHET YOUR PALATE: NEW EVENT … Cocktail elegant attire is REQUIRED and wear a mask, we dare you! If you’re dressed inappropriately entry will be denied even if tickets were purchased. Palagia, who has been organizing the OneLegUp events for 20 years, is transporting us back to that yummy NY edge, which has been lost or taken away by the corporate elites. We are going back in time, participation is essential. Your PHONES will need to be turned off before ENTRY. #sexyorder – Everyone is invited, single females, couples, transgender, homosexual and a limited amount of CIS single males are welcome. This is not a take-out or an eat-in instead, time to Whet Your Palates … The venue we selected is out of this world – it too just opened to the public. Click on the invite link for more details.

$50 per person

$75 per CIS male 

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$50 Per couple

$10 Single Female