OCTOPUSSY – Full Moon Sailing

Event Details

NON-AMP SAILING SOIREE – 15th Year OneLegUp sails

Eat-In Soiree – “Octopussy – FULL MOON” – Sailing along the Hudson River in NYC … nude in front of the Statue of Liberty and then some.


Who may join:
Only approved and screened AMP members have access to the eat-in invitations. These events are the most exclusive and are open to couples and single ladies. To become an AMP member click here. Remember charges apply from the moment you join even if you do not complete the screening guidelines.

Eat-in specifics:

For those who attend any eat-in soiree arriving in theme is MANDATORY – use your creativity – DO NOT spend any money – look in your closets, I’m confident most of your clothes miss you. There are absolutely NO jeans or casual clothing EVER permitted unless it’s part of the theme. If you are not fashioned in theme you WILL NOT gain entry even if tickets have been purchased and NO refunds will be issued. The location and password are released online 1-day before the event ONLY to members who have purchased tickets.

All guests will be directed to disrobe down to his or her undies/bathing suits once we pass the Statue of Liberty because there are no hierarchies at OLU. For those who are more daring, once we leave the dock, you can take everything off. Besides why attend an erotic play event to remain in your street clothes (wink)? For this event, DO NOT BYOB. Sailing vessels are permitted to sell alcohol. The Captain keeps the revenue and the prices are super reasonable. Red/white/rose wine and beer will be sold on the boat.

Each eat-in event provides couples and single ladies an environment that is elegant, intimate, sensual, safe, plentiful, but most of all ANONYMOUS. The demographics range from 25-55 year-old sophisticated groups. For more info visit Soirees.

You are most welcome to take photos of yourselves and the scenery on our nautical adventure. Should you photograph any of the guests your phone will be taken away and the photos deleted. For more info visit here.

James Bond … classic and historic film, “Octopussy”! One of Palagia’s favorite films. Fashion yourselves in nautical attire, so many creative ideas to select from.

It’s also a FULL MOON on this eve, let the sexual and sensual magic guide you. Props and masks are always welcome.

Released to AMP members only.

Arrival Time:
We will board between 9-9:15pm. Please plan accordingly.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Released to AMP members only.

Released to AMP members only.

Only AMP Members can purchase tickets to the eat-in soirees – to join click here. AMP Members can purchase tickets by logging first into their accounts at our Members page Present your eProcessingNetwork confirmation email – this serves as your ticket.

We do not take monetary transactions on the dock for these events. Tickets need to be purchased online. OLUs sailing soirees are incredible. It’s rare to be nude in front of the Statue of Liberty, right? These events sale out quickly.

Ticket pricing, worth every dollar
$500 per couple
$250 per single female

Save money and join today.

All sales are final – no refunds or transfers are permitted.