About OneLegUps AMP Membership

OneLegUp offers one membership plan that both couples and single ladies may join. AMP members are responsible for their own accounts, at the end of the membership term you will automatically be billed at the market rate unless you cancel. There are NO refunds issued to members that don’t cancel on-time, register multiple times and/or make mistakes. No exceptions.

What is included under the Active Membership Plan?

Once all parties are screened then approved you will be kept active on our AMP mailing list (AMP updates), guarantees you admission to the Eat-in’s, discounts on Take-out tickets and access the take-out locations before non-members do. Finally, AMP members are always given priority.

These are the AMP delights!
  • » Guaranteed admission to all our events after you’ve been screened and then approved.
  • » Discounted Take-Out® Tickets.
  • » Discounted Erotic Photo Book Purchase
  • » Priority selection when purchasing tickets
  • » Receive the take-out locations before non-members do.
  • » Receive AMP Updates


  • » Eat-Ins Early Bird Ticket Special – $200 per couple, $50 per single female
  • » Eat-Ins – $350 per couple, $75 per single female
  • » Take-outs – $50 per couple, $10 single female
  • » Non-member Take-Out pricing: $100 per couple, $20 per single female


There is a membership fee as well as a screening process. Palagia, OneLegUp’s Yummy President, will review the information (which is kept strictly confidential, as noted on our disclaimer page) this will determine whether you can join our most exclusive event “The Eat-In”. To ease your comfort even more, EVERYONE who attends our eat-in soirées has been through the same selection process.

What is the AMP  Membership Fee?

  • » New Members: $49 to join and it renews each month at $29.95.
  • » Returning AMP Members (ONLY OPTION): Re-join at $99 renews each month at $29.95.

How do you JOIN + get SCREENED?

After you submit your credit/debit information and the transaction is successful, the system will navigate you to the SECOND and FINAL stage of the screening process. Palagia will review your information and respond within a one/two week time frame unless it’s the week of the Eat-In soiree. You will also receive a confirmation email from EprocessingNetwork (check your junk folders first before you panic) with your own unique and private username and password. THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD WILL NOT BE ACTIVATED UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED.

After I join can I cancel?

Both screened and non-screened members may cancel their AMP membership at any time by emailing us. Effective 9/12: If you decide to cancel your membership then rejoin at a later time, returning AMP Members will have to sit out the probationary period before they can attend a future Eat-In event. You may join all the take-outs after you rejoin. It’s strongly recommended to keep the memberships active. Also note: Members are responsible for their own accounts. At the end of the membership term unless you cancel you will be automatically billed at the market rate. There are no refunds if you do not cancel on time. Once again MEMBERS are REQUIRED TO MONITOR THEIR OWN AMP MEMBERSHIPS. We need at least 5-day notice, Mon-Fri, to cancel your memberships.

Are there refunds on AMP memberships and ticket purchases?

In this line of business we CANNOT offer any refunds or transfer tickets to other events. Please make note of this before you make your purchase. There are NO refunds if you do not cancel your AMP membership on-time and/or register multiple times. PLEASE HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON ONLY ONCE.