OneLegUp is a service that has re-invented itself since 1998. This group is run and owned by “Palagia”. Our look is lustrous, erotic and subtly enticing. We believe that respecting boundaries in a very safe environment is the most comfortable way to explore new horizons. OneLegUp provides you with an environment to indulge your fantasies, which has been delicately woven into an erotic atmosphere for scores of people to take pleasure in.

OneLegUp is a service devoted to promoting a “Sensual Movement” for women and men. By creating ever-changing, safe and clean erotic playgrounds, our guests can engage themselves in an unbiased, sensually liberating and respectful atmosphere. Our service caters two types of soirees: Eat-in and Take-out (particulars on the website). The Take-out’s wet your palate and the Eat-in’s indulge your fantasies. We also hire inspiring erotic performers and musicians. Through a careful process of selection, we have successfully been able to congregate elegant, friendly and intelligent people with a common interest – to explore and indulge their erotic pleasures in a shared space.