We encourage EVERYONE to review our operating policies, and it is mandatory that you read the rules and regulations if you’ve never attended a OneLegUpNYC/OneLegUp soiree before. All guests’ who attend a OneLegUpNYC/OneLegUp soiree MUST follow all the rules listed below, to protect the comfort, well-being, and integrity of all our erotic guests’. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe, sexy and liberated!

We all know that we are RESPONSIBLE for our BEHAVIOR…


  1. Absolutely NO DRUG use/abuse is allowed at any OneLegUpNYC Soiree.
  2. “NO” means “NO!”
  3. All CIS MALES need to be escorted by a FEMALE to all “Eat-In” and/or “Take-Out” Soirees unless otherwise stated. LGBT/Queer/Genderfluid couples are always welcome too!
  4. All guests must be respectful toward all parties and abide by the rules set forth by OneLegUpNYC.com/OneLegUp.
  5. If you arrive TOGETHER, indulge TOGETHER and EXIT the premises TOGETHER and NOT alone.
  6. Treat each guest with RESPECT and ASK both partners and/or the single parties before indulging. Remember: SOME members are EXPLORING certain areas for the FIRST TIME and are at a VOYEURISTIC stage.
  7. ONLY INDULGE in areas that YOU INDIVIDUALLY or BOTH of YOU feel completely COMFORTABLE with.
  8. This is NOT a SWINGER organization instead OLU has created a “FEMALE EMPOWERING MOVEMENT” where like-minded people can be finally feel safe to explore their fantasies. The word FREEDOM is left up to each individual to define. All we ask is that you enter this world for the right reasons by first creating boundaries.
    • »cameras
    • »cell phones that take pictures
    • »video cameras
    • »microphones
  10. PROSTITUTION of any kind is absolutely PROHIBITED.
  11. MINORS under the age of 21 are NOT allowed to attend.
  12. NO excess ALCOHOL consumption is allowed.
  13. NO ILL treatment of any HUMAN is ever allowed.
  14. Everyone must be safe. We are NOT responsible for any accidents that may occur at a OneLegUpNYC soiree.
  15. We are NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
  16. You are not required to participate in the photo shoots at our “Eat-In” soirees. However, we RESERVE the right to randomly photograph any guest who attends our “Take-Out” Soirees, which could be used for commercial and/or promotional purposes this includes any OneLegUpNYC.com or OneLegUp sponsored event. We will also TRY our hardest NOT to show your likeliness but there are NO guarantees. All hired OneLegUp staff, performers, musicians and such give up their anonymity rights of being photographed.
  17. If you do not cancel your AMP membership before it automatically renews at the end of the membership term NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. There are NO TRANSFERS or REFUNDS on any tickets sales. In the event of inclement weather and/or who knows what event (in NYC anything can occur) refunds will not be issued, instead your tickets will transferred to the rescheduled event.
  18. If you VIOLATE any of the RULES mentioned above you will be REMOVED from the premises and stand a strong chance of NEVER being allowed to attend future OneLegUpNYC.com or OneLegUp SPONSORED EVENT… Further, we reserve the right to DENY ACCESS to both our Take-Out/Eat-In soirees and revoke your AMP membership at any time if we deem it necessary.