Eat-in Soiree’s

The most exclusive events are the eat-in’s. These events are for couples and single females who join our AMP membership plan then get screened. They take place in private lofts/suites. Everyone is encouraged to explore their fantasies at these parties.


take-out Soiree’s

All males must be escorted by a female and single ladies are also welcome. There is NO live playing at these events. They are held in lounges/clubs. They are theatrical and we most certainly encourage lots of tongue action and getting topless!


Whet Your Palate

Our newest soiree, Whet Your Palate, will inspire and remind everyone what New York Nightlife used to be. Edgy. Creative. Colorful. Arousing. And Delicious! No sexual play is allowed at this event. Join our eat-in events to indulge your intimate desires. Everyone is invited. Single females, couples, transgender, homosexuals and a limited amount of CIS single males. This event will also be female dominated. How else can you indulge pleasure? You can’t 😊