OneLegUpNYC has taken this pandemic very seriously. Roughly, 2 years of research and following all the incoming global data. Currently, this is how we will proceed. Subject to change at anytime. Updated again on 12/7/21. This virus is going to drive me bonkers! Antigen testing is NO longer permitted. It cannot pick up the Omicron variant. Only PCR testing will be accepted. Thank you. 

We have decided to follow the EUA guidelines, Europe seems to follow science better than the USA. Covid is endemic, here to stay, therefore the following will be accepted to attend our events.

To attend our eat-in events one of the following will be accepted:

-Fully recovered from Covid (post 3-weeks) show your positive status. 14 months later, these people still have robust antibodies. 

-“Positive antibody test” w/in the past year (2021). Show the results. 

-Recently had a monoclonal antibody infusion. These infusions last over 8 months. Show the paperwork. 

Medically exempt – ONLY a PCR test result will be accepted (w/in 3 days of the event), along with a medically certified doctors note. ANTIGEN TESTING IS NO LONGER VIABLE. 

One or two vax shots from the following companies (post 2-weeks from being vaccinated):
Moderna, J&J, Pfizer, Comirnaty, AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Convidecia and Sputnik.

When we host our take-out events (for now), VAX cards will be required at the door for entry, the eat-ins, chose from the list above.

For guests who have serious comorbidities, obese or other underlying health issues, we recommend, based on the global data to avoid large gatherings. These groups are HIGH RISK.

Stay safe, sane and WILD.

OneLegUpNYC, OneLegUp or any sponsored OneLegUpNYC event are not responsible for the contraction of any virus or disease.